Interesting Creations.
((Please note these are roleplay items and Do Not Exist in the actual game))

From the Lab to the Table.
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Sectors of the Saga.
((This is the Personal Storyline of Dutchess C. Bane. New Sector files are added only as timeline progresses))

Sector A : '2h Wait'

Sector B : 'It's Latin'

:::Accessing Data:::
:::Begin Transmission:::
:::You Enter the System as 'unknownuser':::
:::Access level is 'minimal':::

           .:Welcome to Omni-Tek > Data > Personnel:.
                .:For file details select the subject heading, to locate another file select the [<<O>>] icon:.

Bane, Dutchess C.                                                                       Last known update:
          Alias: Copperneedle                                                            Status: Contained
Census records >
                                        Female - Opifex - Age Group 25-30 - Borealis, BY2
Birthing records >
                    > Location >
                               Omni-1 Medical Facility #2
                    > Guardians >
                              Father: Bane, Titan E.                              Personnel File [<<O>>]
                              Mother: Bane, Laieese K.                    Personnel File [<<O>>]
                    > Time Key >
                              October 21, 29479
                    > Witnesses <<<                                                       [1 files]
                    > Special Notes <<<                                                  [2 files]
Child Vaccinations <<<
Education records >
                    > General <<<                                                             [6 files]
                    > Trade >
                              Tir School of Engineering - Basic Electrical Devices
                              Tir School of Engineering - Nanoprogramming Techniques
                              Omni-Med Installation #4 - Chemical and Biological Agents
                              Omni-Med Installation #9 - Civil Medical Profession
                              Omni-Med Installation #17 - Combat Medic
                              Omni-AF - Pistol Basics for the Noncombatant
                              Omni-AF - Nano Basics for the Noncombatant
                              Omni-Reform - Quell Hysteria, Techniques and Methods
                              Omni-Reform - Rationalization of Hostile Environment
                    > Elective Specializations >
                              Prof. Regnalds' - Communication Systems Utilization
                              Prof. Kipplenghers' - Alien Technologies Diagnostic Methods
                              Dr. Yedh'ls' - Wildlife Anatomy and Potential
                              Mr. "Swift"s' - The Grid and You
                              Cptn. Theodis Grents' - Fraud Evaluation Basics
                    > Contribution Works >
                              Item Fraud in the Communication Sequencing          Education File[<<O>>]
Medical records <<<                                                                       [239 files]
Marriage records <<<                                                                   [0 files]
Military records > General >
                              Reserve Status Medical
                    > Restricted <<<                                                        [user does not have access]
Employment records > General >
                              Assigned Medical Associate for Mine 12-a Atrox Ward
                    > Specialization >
                              Biological Equipment Preventative Care Specialist
                              Omni-Tek Mine 12-a Medical Informant
Criminal record > Active warrants <<<                                    [0 files]
                    > History >
                              Fraud: misrepresentation of an omni-tek employee.
                                -charges dismissed-                                                    OPfile [<<O>>]
                              Fraud: counterfeit credits found in possession of subject with intent to use.
                                -detainment-                                                                  OPfile [<<O>>]
                              Data Tampering: subject traced while accessing restricted cooperate files.
                                -detainment/ omni reform program-                        ORfile [<<O>>]
                              Theft: medical nanobots removed from stock without authorization.
                                -detainment-                                                                  OPfile [<<O>>]
                              Assault: subject attacked and disabled an AF guard.
                                -omni reform program, repeat offender group-          ORfile [<<O>>]
                              Treason: abduction and murder of mine foreman, witnesses confiirmed                                 identity.
                                -containment-                                                                 AFfile [<<O>>]
                                        .:End File > Data > Personnel:.

          That is what Omni-Tek thinks of its employee, Copperneedle, strong supporter of clan rights. Their report has two faults. First, it shows me as having been contained. Obviously that is a slight error. Second, their report is in need of another file heading, something that reads 'What have we done?'. My marriage file is empty, it shouldn't be if they hadn't done their deed. It is not I that am contained in the report, they have my sister confused with me on that detail. I am not exactly sure what made those tyrannical troopers believe it was I they held in custody, or whom was responsible for making the identification check.
          My sister may have well deserved punishment for her crimes on her own merit, yet I can't help but be baffled why she should pay for crimes I may or may not have committed. I was born neutral to all, and honorably worked for Omni-Tek, my family may have been right to not blindly trust the company; I know this now. You may consider me Clan by either of my not accepting a permanent position in the mines, committing my first crime, the moment my sister was taken, or at the moment that I took up defense against the invading horde of Omni-Tek.

((This is In-Character for a fantasy event in a sci-fi computer game; in no way do I support biotech development with the goal of harm in Real Life.))

          In my line of research I handle many sources of biological contagions that could cause serious personal damage if a high degree of meticulous care is not provided. I work with biological agents of contamination, or more commonly known as viruses.
          In searching for a suitable agent that would target hosts using the same technology that many manufactured goods utilize in excluding faction based individuals, It was concluded that such agent would need to be laboratory born and most likely engineered from the start. Assistance from unscrupulous engineer professionals in the reverse engineering of omnifier canister technology revealed the key bits of nanoprogramming associated in the recognition of faction specific nano frequencies, thusly allowing nanobots to either function properly or deny the user access to the specific manufactured goods. Knowing the key to selective targeting of host organisms was not to be the most difficult of the developmental process of a biological agent.
          With the 'brain' of the intended agent theoretically in operation, design of the carrier organics then needed to be generalized and refined to meet the demands of contaminant distribution. With intended targets listed as isolated outposts in the further stretches of the outzone borders, a heavy protein membrane would certainly be required along with a long period dormant stasis ability, and a moisture based reanimation trigger. These general aspects would permit the agent to survive in the dry windswept environment while becoming active in the environment of that of a host organism. While adept to be viable from general atmospherically transmission, windborne spores will not be the most effective means.
          Previous expeditions to the out zones researching the effects of low-atmosphere environments on organisms, revealed the common leets ability to survive low oxygen levels, a possible side effect of a high glucose diet. While leets are unable to support a nanobot colony permitting the presence of faction specific information resulting in the activation and replication of the agent, genetic triggers in reserve may permit the functional replication of the agent, which additional spores may pass harmlessly through the digestive system and become deposited in the environment already in the stasis stage. Deposits of the agent would then spread through environmental means. Leetpiss as the beverage is referred, is an alcohol byproduct of the leet digestive system, a result of a high levels of glucose and sucrose in the diet which becomes fermented in the kidneys and then passed. Few recognize Leetpiss to be exactly as the word describes, is consumed regularly in low population regions, and is unchanged from its natural source. As the solution is consumed for the alcoholic compounds so would the agent, in high concentrated levels.
          In combination of faction recognition, the activated agent would either pass through the rejected host unnoticed, or target specific biosystems in the preferred host causing various effects of simple incapacitation, temporary disability, or short-term death. Due to the end goal being that of regional control, short-term death is best preferred offering a strong deterrent to long term station of personnel. Of the various biosystems that may be targeted and result in infection serious enough to cause life collapse, the nervous system was the best target which could cause sudden deterioration of the host in the shortest possible timeline.
          Outlined now the agent will need to harbor similar to common mold spores, cross contaminate as a bacterium, target the host using nanobot along with genetic technology and afflict the host similar to chemical compounds. The shell consists of a 168,100 amino acid polypeptides, the protein strands then encoded to organize into a square anti-prism to deter the attachment of notupheneohol, the primary alcohol base produced by the transient environmental host.  The genetic code of the agent  proved so simple that at first the solution seemed utter overly complicated. The end result was to have an 'on on' double nucleus cell. The problem was to have a metamorphosis of the agent upon recognition of the targeted host. A change from dormant mold-like spores to fully functioning biological contaminant, while in essence remaining as a biomechanical computing entity. The solution was to retain the nanobot technology based portion of the agent, which initiated the metamorphosis of the biological components resulting in two simplistic halves of a completed symbiotic agent; a persisting 'on off' stasis upon activation becomes an 'on on' active agent.
          Two nuclei, one a common nerve cell nucleus able to be coded with the nonprogram which recognizes specific nanofrequencies and the chemical process required to initiate the metamorphosis of the agent into one of two forms. The first form designed to manufacture replica spores, the second form as the true agent. The second nuclei, coded with the replication process of additional true agents as well as the chemical processing of molecules into the compounds responsible for nervous system infection.
          The chemical composition of the outer protein shell, with the chemical resources found in the target host system led to the selection of the toxin that would be the byproduct of the replication process. The resulting neural toxin was a toxin with no known antidote, which attacks the sodium channels in neural membranes, anhydrotetrodotoxin, C11H17N3O8 . Numbness is the first sign of contamination, soon followed by complete paralysis within six hours. Consciousness is retained through the ordeal, only ceasing seconds before death, cause of short-term death is generally respiratory or cardiac arrest.
          Figure below:
A. The representation of the agent in the 'Spore' phase.
B. A model of the metamorphosis from spore into the 'Active' phase.
C. Theoretical image of an 'Active' form of the agent infecting a cell and replicating duplicate agents and toxin.

          The Modified Biomech Body Armor was created out of the need for additional protection form the dangers in the lab. Normal Biomech has excellent resistance to chemical compounds, and acceptable resistance to poisons, but severely lacks in radiation shielding. The construction of Biomech is a trade secret of the manufacturing company, though through reverse engineering the process appears rather straight forward. The overall structure is a metaplast based alloy, likely a carbonum infused alloy due to the added effect of doctor specific nano enhancements. This structure is formed as a mesh skeletal framework on which layers of biomaterial are cultured. The biomaterial seems derived from reptilian tissue, explaining the typical brackish color of the armor and the constant need to replenish the armors fluids either through repeated application of organic oils or periodical submersion into freshwater. The exterior surface is sealed beneath a translucent sinuous membrane of synthetic material. The membrane is rippled with a tubular infrastructure filled with fluid of an organic nature similar to a vascular system. I suspect the membrane is composed of a silica compound which helps in the resistance to chemical exposure and moisture loss.  The Biomech is biological in substance and mechanical in structure, thus any modifications would be required to be treated as any living organism. Careful separation of the exterior membrane reveals the organic tissue below. Controlled loss of fluid in combination to a sustained temperature level equal to normal body temperature offered the best working conditions. Augmentation to the biomech biomaterial was attempted in the same manner as any other organism, with the use of NanoClusters, using the biomech framework in place of an implant structure. Direct attachment of the usual three variants of clusters to the mechanical structure was successful though apparently fragile. Modification in this manner is useless if the purpose if for active combat, though in the relative safety of a laboratory lacking combat protection in favor of added disease protection is an acceptable exchange. The clusters chosen would benefit disease, chemical and radiation protection significantly. Since NanoClusters are ineffective without the use of a nano controlling unit, a common grade of NCU platform in the Ti 100-X series provided enough capacity to control the cluster programs. The biomaterial was then delicately replaced around the clusters and the membrane replaced and stitched into place until incisions recovered.

          The Modified Electronicum was a side project initiated by Njineyr out of necessity for a stronger energy burst able to bring down brontos in a clean first shot. An ordinary original Electronicum was dismantled, the discharge mechanism and barrel were retained, the grip, surge delay, and field concentrator removed completely. Addition of a NanoCrystal fragment held the code used to override output regulator limit and the energy compression ratio which while activated uses half of the pistols NCU storage capacity. Initial testing proved too dangerous to wield in a traditional pistol manner and a salvaged rifle stock was adapted to fit the frame on the Electronicum. This addition provided adequate bracing against the shoulder when firing the stored electrical charge, though ultimately dismissed the ability to wield a second weapon. Additional testing brought to the light a need for maintaining the overcharged electrical beam while in transit through the atmosphere. A standard magnetic field suppressor was attached parallel to the barrel in three specific locations allowing for a stable beam of electrons. In regards to the Electronicum series of weapons manufactured, this variation provides a reliable damage output that only slightly varies in charge strength with an acceptable recharge rate and minimal training required.

          The Kyr'Ozch Data-pad in general. Years ago with the first invasions of the Kyr'Ozch many attempts were made to discover their communication methods. Research led to many possibilities but no single method was found. Many theories still are in debate about this issue. However, one path of research led to a biomechanical device located on many variations of the Kyr'Ozch subspecies's exoskeleton structure. Labs around Omni-1 were permitted to conduct tests on the tissue samples and much of that research yielded useful information. It was found that by grafting components of communications hardware to the sample, certain functions could be controlled. Although this technology  is not fully understood and has yet to yield any technological breakthroughs, and existing omni communications technology is superior offering holographic presentations with live video and sound, the alien data-pad is able to encrypt voice-over-broadcast transmissions automatically in frequencies barely able to be detected by signal sensors. Obviously this discovery was never published in the Omni-Tek findings submitted to the ICC. A handful in a generation of Omni-Med students still possess the knowledge needed to graft the specific components to the specific section of the Kyr'Ozch exoskeleton to obtain an operational device.
          Adventurous medics would often build these components as a  sort of hobby in the blackmarket. A multitude of variations emerged. A young atrox medic once accomplished the impossible task of  getting video and sound to be transmitted, although resulting in a higher pitch voice on the receivers end. That variation was named the Hoax edition, since the method was never successfully replicated. A more common variation was the Hacked Kyr'Ozch Data-pad. This version was subjected to a users ID Extractor, resulting in a user-access only device, useful after Clan affiliated personnel learned the medics secret.
          This particular unit has been dubbed Reconstructed Kyr'Ozch Data-pad. It is the remaining section of a Hacked version viciously gnarled by a wild leet kept in captivity. Painstaking time was put into regenerating the alien tissue and replacing frayed wires. The voice encryption is functioning, though translation errors occur on a more regular basis, and a possible loose wire causes the occasional static.

Datapad Unit